Pluto Madness

This is the hole of the real Ghosts and how to talk to them, what works for your situation, what the do and don'ts of all that is in this realm. Learn from other types of mediums and light workers. This realm will also include dark lighters and that realm..
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This section has many creeds in this and how we all get rid of ghosts, invoking and all the rules and laws that will help control this realm and communicate to them.

Pluto Madness

Postby mystickeeper » Wed Mar 22, 2023 7:19 pm

Well Tomarrow on the 23rd we will have pluto in Aquarius ;) So now we will have alot of new things that will come to astrology. the new normal and the big shift. :twisted: the Pluto is ruled with scorpio. it also very spirural. the spirits will also be restless as this transitional stage is going to snap like a rubberband. :roll: So get ready for this new energy. Mediums I been wearing alot of my own designs. Maybe you should too. :shock:
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